About Us

About the organization

BN-Institute was established in the year 1995, in order to provide high quality education under the distance education / distance learning / correspondence method to students. The college focuses on students that wish to pursue higher education but are unable to attend the regular colleges due to various reasons. One other lot that benefits from the institution is the employed ones that look forward to qualify themselves for promotions and gain additional knowledge over their domain.
BN-Institute is a student study center. It has been serving the student community for over a decade now. The college has been authorized to function as a distance education centre of learning distance education courses by various universities.

Management and Academic Committee

The management of BN-Institute is philanthropic in nature and has established the institution to serve the students with high quality education at affordable costs for their career growth through distance education. The management has appointed an Academic committee that consists of highly educated and scholarly enthusiasts. While many members of the academic committee are renowned professors from various universities the highlight of the committee lies in the inclusion of the professionals in R&D. This facilitates the institution to enhance the employability of the students that undergo degree courses via BN-Institute through distance education / distance learning / correspondence mode.

Placement Services

BN-Institute has set aside the downside of the traditional distance education system that was look down upon by the regular colleges as well as by the employers. BN-Institute has revolutionized the distance education mode by providing high quality distance education that is on par with any regular degree. Apart from enhancing the employability via teaching, the college has formed a vast network with several institutions and organizations for campus placement of students. By enrolling yourself in the institution, you not only get to qualify yourself with a higher education degree in the discipline of your choice, but also have the opportunity of being employed in renowned institutions and organizations. We proud that are always rejuvenating the education system.